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We are a Czech business integrator company providing comprehensive solutions for distribution and integration of collaborative robots for a wide range of customers. The company, as a partner company, is based on a company with a five-year tradition and experience in the engineering field. Intensive development, customer requirements and collaborative robotics have created a new modern company.

Exclusive representation

Our company is the exclusive distributor of SIASUN CO., LTD., A division of SIASUN Robot & Automation CO., LTD. for the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.

We have become partners of the most important international producers in the field of collaborative robotics.

SIASUN Robot & Automation CO., LTD.

As the leading enterprise in China’s robot industry, SIASUN devotes itself to lead the development of the industry by continuous technology innovation.

SIASUN’s Lingang Industrial Park mainly focuses on pilot test and large-scale production of new intelligent robot products and core robot components that are completely self-innovated by SIASUN.  Meanwhile, SIASUN puts its abundant robot products and strong automation technology into full use to develop Industry 4.0 system solutions, offering customers developing, designing, general assembling and adjusting of digital factory programs, which integrates the development of core manufacturing technology, R&D on process flow and system planning.

As a leading enterprise of China’s robot industry, SIASUN has been always striving to construct the eco-system in China’s robot industry. Being the first domestic innovation competition in the robot industry, Creatineer competition has been held successfully for 3 years. By now, there are over 1000 startup projects taking participate in, with nearly 150 projects being incubated and almost 50 projects being invested. Creatineer Competition has now become a prestigious brand in domestic robot competitions.

SIASUN CO., LTD. aims at creating an international and innovative leading robot kingdom as a representative in China’s robot industry, presenting Chinese robot and intelligent manufacturing technology to the whole world.



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